Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Pop-Up Shop

Here is the lovely 'Frontroom' in Cambridge that has currently set up a pop-up shop, selling some super handmade creative items that would make the best presents. I'm happy to be involved as I'm selling a few Christmas cards and prints. Check them out for some last minute gift shopping.

This is not my house.

This drawing is based on a house that a friend of mine took a picture of. I wished porches were not primarily an American thing but in England too, although the weather is not permitting to be spent sitting outside.

I love a good cuppa

Here is a cup design for a project that never came to light. 

However sometimes it doesn't matter because its a great way to motivate yourself to fulfill briefs that you'd never attempt to do otherwise. The idea was that this design would cover the side of a cup all the way along. I tried to represent the way in which tea has become a part our English culture and day to day life through the history of time and how it can be enjoyed by anyone who loves a good brew and not just by gentry folk.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

A spot of drawing

 An attempt at drawing my mate resting his hungover head.
The bear and outline of the man have no relation to the drawing on the right of the man's face, happened to start drawing on the same page that is all. Although the bear and figure outline, after some photoshop work, have fused together to create an image that I am printing on the back of my Christmas cards as a kind of logo.